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Yes, staying connected with the customers indeed is one of the greatest tools of marketing for businesses today. In a world where social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, rule the roost, many might think that e-mails are outdated and no longer remains effective. But this isn't true, it is just a misconception. Email marketing still today, is one of the most widely used and doing well as one of the most effective and powerful techniques of online marketing and staying in touch with your clients. 


You all know what e-mail marketing is all about. The most common knowledge about it is, that it is marketing products and services via e-mails. But this might not be just enough for you to understand the full concept of email marketing.


Minfotech defines the concept of email marketing

When someone visits your website and subscribes you on your mailing list to stay in touch with the business, by getting the latest updates on products, services, and announcements via email, it is called email marketing. These mailing lists are valuable resources for businesses, particularly if you are into the selling of products and services. 


We at Minfotech strongly believe that email marketing is a very strong tool in building customer loyalty, earn their trust, and promote your brand awareness, while at the same time encouraging your subscribers to buy more often from you. 

Think it this way, that when a person heads towards you by subscribing and trusting your business with his or her email address, he or she in a way conveying you that he or she likes your products and services and is keen to know more about you. He or she has invited you to his or her inbox. Therefore, it becomes a huge responsibility for you to nurture this and turn it into a strong relationship. Try to be more helpful and well informative and send them news and offers, and everything that you feel is important for your customers to know. 


  1. Email Marketing Company

Marketing strategies play a critical role in whirling a business into a successful brand. As a smart marketer of today, you will need the help of someone who can do more with less. You would always need someone on your behalf to connect with your audience in the most personalized way possible while staying under a budget. It is her you need the support of an email marketing company. 

We at Minfotech would like you all to know that no other marketing category has longevity, like email marketing. While some trends in marketing come and go, email marketing remains the most powerful and effective channel available for the modern marketeer. 


With Minfotech by your side, you will always have the following advantages:


  • You benefit from a larger reach. We have 3X more email accounts than a total of Facebook and Twitter accounts combined.
  • You get to deliver your message most appropriately. Emails have always proven to get your messages across to your audience.
  • It will help drive the conversation. After all, our ultimate goal is to turn potential customers, into paying customers. Email is highly measurable. You will have real-time access to different metrics like open, forwarded, bounced, shared, replied, and more.
  • You will fetch a higher ROI. The unmatched potential of emails to drive conversation makes it a potent marketing tool to drive better ROI for your business.
  • Emails are the most preferred communication channel for your business. Compare with social media platforms, emails are more professional, where customers expect to receive information about your products and services.
  • Email marketing is a more open tool. Emails are not owned or controlled by personal entities. It serves as an open communication platform with a multitude of services that provides access to send and receive emails.
  • Email marketing will always stay in business. As compared to all other channels of marketing, emails have a long history of stability and have constantly been growing since their first inception in the 1970s.


  1. Email Marketing Services 

Most of the businesses who have integrated and successfully experienced Minfotech's email marketing services, find this marketing model to be the most effective business strategy in promoting and selling their products. Aside from the fact that email marketing is the most convenient and easiest marketing approach, it does not cost much too. 


Choosing Minfotech as your email marketing service could be something to be well considered, and find the answer to some of the most significant questions that drives your email marketing campaign.


  • The target audience: As an email marketing service provider, we have extensive knowledge about the scale of your business needs. Considering the size of the targeted audience distribution, we have specialized tools to establish an email list. We are well versed in the fact that approaches with exiting customers should be different from those, who are yet to be persuaded to subscribe and engage.


  • The type of content: Once the email list has been finalized after determining the target audience, our next step is deciding what to be sent. Content of an email is a critical aspect of any email marketing campaign, and that we at Minfotech understand. We initiate highly optimized email campaigns that can tailor fit the content based on your business objectives and goals.


  • Schedule the email campaigns for effective marketing: We understand that email marketing campaigns can fetch in higher ROI, but it has to be well planned like the time and the days of sending the emails, etc. Also, the risk of overdoing can earn negative results.


  • Use of proper distribution techniques and the right utilization of social media platforms: It has been quite often noticed that email campaigns fail even though having the right and effective content. The main reason for this failure is improper distribution techniques and not using properly using social media platforms for marketing. We integrate social media with email campaigns to attain higher reach, more opens, and more click-throughs.


  1. HTML Mailers

There are two types of emails – plain text emails (emails containing plain texts and need no formatting) and HTML emails (styled and formatted using HTML and inline CSS). Where a plain text email is just plain, an HTML email looks better and is vibrant and brighter. To make their message look catchy and bright, businesses use HTML emails, which are again more in line with their business image. 


At Minfotech we take special care while designing HTML mailers that can be used by businesses for their email marketing campaigns. We imply the best HTML practices like:


  • Ensuring the HTML email is more responsive for various screen sizes and devices. 
  • The styling of the HTML emails is compatible and works with different email clients.
  • Take due care on the time it takes for the HTML email to open.
  • Plan in accordance with the end-user inconsistencies, and 
  • Conduct thorough testing before sending. 


Minfotech HTML mailers to attract more subscriber count 

Minfotech HTMO mailers are an engaging way to share your business with the audience and attract more subscribers. Without writing a single line of code, our HTML mailers are beautifully created using various tips and templates that explain everything to the audience. 


Minfotech HTML mailers bring some of the most astonishing visual artistry of the web to your email inbox, which was previously characterized only through plain texts. As these days our email inboxes get extremely cluttered with promotional emails, Minfotech's HTML mailers provide one of the best ways to stand out and get noticed in the crowd. Some of the distinguishing elements that make us different and almost impossible to ignore are the graphics, formatted texts, and the background designs and colors we use. We understand, that if HTML emails are used properly, it has a lot of potentials to communicate more information, thereby, attracting far more responsive, and better sales and thus, more profits. 


  1. Email Campaign 

Email marketing campaigns are one of the best, quickest and cheapest ways of online marketing. It helps business convey their message to their targeted customers in no time. Whether you see it or not, email marketing is a very useful, powerful, and successful form of marketing in the present times. 


Minfotech's email campaign services help your business instantly promote its products, features, and, services to thousands of customers in no time. Our emails are designed and prepared specially and customized as per your business needs. Each set of emails is hand-written and designed by our email campaign management team, which specializes in targeted email marketing. Built from the scratch, we guarantee uniqueness and a considerable increase in the traffic to any specific location of your website. 


Originally for each specific project, our marketing team develops the marketing campaign along with you. We take into consideration, some of the most vital segments of any email campaign consideration like:

  • The cause of the email campaign (promotional sales or social networking or lead generation or affiliate marketing or any other)
  • The targeted audience
  • The best ways of designing the graphics, and
  • The topic centered direct contents to encourage process completion

Minfotech's email campaign management team builds a user demographic based on the age, location, gender, and interest of your company. On application of these demographics, helps in increasing the opens, clicks through, and conversion ratio. We even record the results through email analytics for future marketing needs and are made available to you for your review. 

Our campaign management team at Minfotech provides email to each business through our email campaign services. We have a vast database of an extensive array of double opt-in email addresses that can make available to you at any time.