Website Development

You can have a web page for personal or professional purposes, and the advent of technology and its constant developments has made web development a much convenient process. What makes the web different from other technologies like radio and television is that everyone and anyone can have a website of their own, but not everyone can have a show on radio or television. This justified the increased use of the web and the growing number of websites that we find today. 


Web Development refers to all the work that is involved in developing a Web Site over the Internet (www) or the intranet or private network. The scope of work can range from developing a single and static web page with plain texts to the most complex of web applications. More to the scope of web development, a more comprehensive list of tasks that also falls under the care of web development is Web Engineering, Web Design, Web Content Development, Social Networking Services, and plenty others. 

Within the fraternity of Web Professionals, the term ‘Web Development’ usually is referred majorly to the non-design aspects of building a website, like coding and writing markup. 

At Minfotech, our web development team consists of experts 9web developers) who follow standard methods while developing websites. The team of web developers is further supported by a contracting developer, graphic designer, and information systems expert. With us, web development is a collaborative effort between departments.

We have been serving our client's needs for a long and have developed numerous websites of the vivid genre – Business, ECommerce, and Web Applications. Over the past few years, we have garnered rich industry experience to have the expertise to develop all kinds of websites that can stand out in the market and also are affordable for small businesses and individuals. 


  1. Web Development Company

No matter, you are a start-up or working with global exposure, web development is a part of your business in modern times. To get exposure and recognition of your brand, you will need to have your website, and to enjoy its fruits, you will have to have your website taken special care of the much-needed web improvements. 

When it concerns employing quality web design and its development services, it boils down to hiring a full-time web development company like Minfotech. With Minfotech, you will enjoy a host of benefits like:

  • Handling the development of both front and back-end both.
  • Specialize in multiple back-end technology.
  • Follow the best practices.
  • Understanding of complete marketing strategies surrounds your project.
  • Proper research and development.
  • The robust testing process, including automated tests.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changes.
  • Use of the best source control. 

Minfotech, as a web development company provides you with unmatched opportunities of:

  • Better Customizable and Unique Website: To offer your business a unique global exposure, you will need the support of customized uniqueness. Minfotech works as a power booster, to make your website attract every eye. 
  • Better web design and development services with better command over semantics and validation of codes.
  • Better browser compatibility: All browsers are not created equal, and hence browser testing is very critical.
  • Better optimization: The content of your website should be optimized for multiple things including loading speed, search engines friendliness, and lead conversions.

Better SEO Compliance: 

Employment of the best SEO master to get outstanding results in the web ranking.

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